Our Approach To Delivering A Strong Customer Experience

Our focus is 100% on the customer, and how we can help them succeed beyond the startup of their equipment. American Augers’ approach to the after-market is providing strategic parts, technical support, and training to our customers across the globe, 24/7/365. When you spend time with our customers, from Lewisville, Texas to Sukabumi, Indonesia and beyond, you will learn that uptime is crucial for their business. They require a proactive and predictive approach to supporting them beyond the startup, and we have invested heavily in the people and systems to meet the needs of the customer today and well into the future.

We are truly fortunate to have some of the most competent and dedicated talent in the industry.  We even contract with a military recruiter so that we are directly connected to the very best our country has to offer. We seek industry-proven talent in all levels of our organization. We have a team of dedicated personnel that is ready to support the customer in any scenario until the job is complete.

24/7/365 IS A WAY OF LIFE
To succeed in this industry, you must make 24/7/365 a way of life. You must be there for your customer on both a professional AND a personal level. Our role and duties go well beyond the equipment, and we view our customers as Friends, Family, and Partners. Customers are now working through the night, and 2 a.m. is now the traditional 10 a.m. We are all making sacrifices together, and we have a truly symbiotic relationship. The 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday no longer exists in our industry.

We take the time to really learn about our customers. We learn about their professional goals, and we also take the time to bond with them on a personal level. When you forge such a relationship, you both succeed on an exponential level. We take the time to learn about regulations, best practices, and upcoming technologies. Most importantly, every team member in the customer service department spends time in the field to truly understand the needs of the customer. We aim to serve as trusted advisors and industry advocates. Most importantly, we authentically care about people. From the company tour to spending time on a job site, we are driven to help our customers succeed, and we are there for them anytime, anywhere. We are in this together.

The days of providing customer support that is reactionary, instead of proactive and strategic, are over. To be proactive in our approach, we rolled out PinPoint, our Telematics offering. With PinPoint, we go well beyond GPS tracking capabilities. We can remotely calibrate and send programs to a rig. We also are in the process of launching an online parts and publication service offering called MyRig, which allows customers to look at parts, access technical information, training tutorials, and troubleshooting guides from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. To bring this all together in a total solution offering, we are also introducing preventative maintenance programs coupled with local dealer support via the Ditch Witch Dealer Network.

Another differentiator is our approach to warranty administration and other entitlements. American Augers has an industry-leading warranty. We stand behind our products and solutions, and our warranty is just a starting point in the discussion. Our team is empowered to make decisions to allow for faster responses and quicker solutions. The first order of business in any service situation is to get the customer up and running. The key is to respond and find solutions…not excuses.

We are fully invested in both the training of our customers along with the training of our employees.  We offer paid service schools via Underground Academy, and we are also investing in our remote support and field service technicians to be certified to provide Level 1 support for major components of our rigs, such as engines and transmissions. With this investment in training, we can better control our commitment to true 24/7/365 support.

We care about our customer, and we consider them family. The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity we have to further develop the bond we have with them. We are fully committed to their success.