Trencor T16 Trencher Equipped with the Power and Technology to Maximize Jobsite Efficiency

With difficult ground conditions, changing climates, and varying crew experience, no two jobsites are the same. This is especially true for pipeline projects that are built to transport crucial daily resources like water, gas and oil. It is important that every stage of the project is done safely and efficiently. This means even before the pipe is in the ground crews must dig a clean trench to set the stage for the rest of the project. To accomplish this, every pipeline installation jobsite needs a trencher that is reliable regardless of the many other changing factors. That is why Trencor’s large-scale trenchers have been used on jobsites around the world since 1945. Their rock-solid structure is built to withstand the ever-changing conditions in the field to get the job done. 

The Trencor T16 was built to rock the trencher world. The rugged and proven machine can combat the challenges of today’s large-diameter pipeline installation projects and tough ground conditions. Designed with ideal weight, power and size, the T16 maximizes productivity for a wide range of trenching applications, including water, sewer, oil and gas. With no two jobsites created the same, the T16 can help tackle hard rock and changing ground conditions with ease.

“At Trencor we are proud that the T16 is utilized around the world to install pipelines that transport the resources we depend on daily,” said Steve Seabolt, Trencor product manager. “To help pipeline construction contractors complete these important projects efficiently, we build our equipment with the operators in mind. The features and technology on the T16 enable heavy equipment professionals to prioritize safety and optimize operations on any water, gas or oil jobsite.”

The T16’s is equipped with telematics for remote monitoring and support, allowing operators to more easily manage their fleet and provide timely maintenance. The mechanical drive feature reduces tooth wear to prolong the chain life and minimize downtime needed to replace the chain. It is also equipped with a crumb shoe to ensure a clean trench for easy installation of water, gas, and oil products. Each of these features allows for optimal operator efficiency by increasing productivity and minimizing downtime.

The specifications of these large track trenchers provide unmatched performance. The T16 is powered by a CAT C27 950hp engine and 3206 lb-ft of torque, giving operators the power to withstand the toughest soil and hard rock conditions. It is equipped with a mechanical digging chain drive and digging chain choices with widths up to 60” (1.52M), which provides a variety of options for every jobsite. 

Whether a T16 trencher is being used for a water installation project in Indonesia or a natural gas project in Ohio, it is inevitable that the equipment operators will need access to quick and reliable service. This is why Trencor, sold and serviced through one of the more than 175 Ditch Witch dealerships worldwide, can provide world-class parts, service and support to all underground construction professionals at each and every stage of the machine’s lifecycle. Visit the Trencor website to learn more about how the T16 can help you efficiently complete your job and find a dealer near you.


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